Complete recruiting tasks in seconds with generative AI

Effortlessly generate job descriptions, summarise resumes, write personalised emails and create content for your recruitment website and social media.

Hally writes job adverts creates marketing content generates job descriptions summarizes candidate CVs works in 29 languages parses resumes identifies bias generates job postings creates social posts writes sales emails generates content ideas identifies job skills creates interview questions parses job descriptions manages recruitment admin

Meet Hally, the AI-powered recruiting task assistant

Hally helps you manage the many responsibilities you have as a recruiter. From generating recruitment content to composing sales emails, to creating marketing collateral and carrying out admin – Hally covers all your recruiting needs.

Recruitment content

Compose job adverts and job descriptions, create interview questions & manage recruiting admin.

Marketing content

Generate website copy, blog posts and social media content in minutes.

Sales copy

Convert faster with sales emails, social messaging and business development collateral.

Email copy

Create email responses, produce personalised candidate outreach emails and offer letters.

What can Hally do for you today?

With over 50 AI recruiting task templates to choose from, Hally’s got you covered.

Write and rewrite recruiting copy and content

Summarize key documents

Analyse and extract information

Inspire and create

Happy clients,
awesome reviews​

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Hally is a game changer for our business. The AI is mind-blowing. I’m particularly impressed by the way it can create highly targeted sales emails for our teams.

Director, Integrated Talent Solutions


The social media tools are vital to improving brand awareness on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m rally impressed with what Hally has produced so far.

Independent Executive Search Consultant


A piece of technology which genuinely improves your recruitment processes. Hally delivers the goods. This application is awesome!

Director, Quartermaster Digital

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